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Adoptions Terms & Conditions 


Locals & Non-locals

Copy of IC. For us to register our adopted rescue with the government (Municipal). All adopters will be expected to provide proof of address & identity

**Applicable only for rescue pups & dogs. Optional for kittens & cats


Kept indoors/must have a fenced compound & strictly no caging unless through quarantine/integration period


The animal's welfare is our priority & we will work with you to resolve any concerns or questions you have in respect to the animal


To prevent unwanted litters all dogs & cats are to be neutered upon adoption unless there are overriding veterinary reasons for it not being possible. Adopters are expected to support this policy


The Adopter agrees not to irresponsibly sell or part with the animal. If for any reason in the future you are unable to keep your adopted animal, speak to our customer service specialists on what can be done

If you agree to the term and condition above, please book to make appointment

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